urban universal design begins with a reverence for what has gone before, a rejection of the wasteful, the redundant, the inefficient. u u operates on the principle that most basic design processes have already been established, tested and proven. u u design principles work in a city, obviously, but they are just as powerful when applied to a project in a suburb, or a small town, or on the edge of the wilderness.

uu design places the highest value on the virtues of legacy resources commonly found in established communities:
    + established amenities & services
    + public transportation
    + infrastructure
    + existing sites for re-use
    + salvagable building materials (embodied energy)
    + the exponential efficiencies of proximity

uu design utilizes stock material whenever possible, green and sustainable, which in turn delivers efficiencies in purchasing, assembly, labour and building code compliance.

urban universal design principles harness the efficiencies of the established and the standardized, providing a platform for creative innovation across the design spectrum – from the complexly detailed to the minimalist; from traditionalist to modernist.

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