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bio brief
Mr. Sweitzer has provided 42 years on on-going architectural service on more than 230 projects, mostly in Minnesota. His experience includes the traditional process of design/bid/build as well as the design/build method of project delivery. Regardless of the technique he is versed in all facets of architectural practice from project programming through field observation and construction administration. His experience also includes interior design, selection of furniture/furnishings as well as product design/object design. As noted in his resume’ project types are varied as far as building type, scope and scale.

“As a simplified architectural service delivery philosophy, I try to address the client/user objectives with artful design and technically well-executed construction solutions while simultaneously providing personal and timely service to each client.”

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design principles
   +  promote spirited design possibilities
   +  seek simplicity in design solutions
   +  promote creative and artful design possibilities
   +  consider the environment
   +  be real, present and intuitive
   +  challenge assumptions
   +  be succinct, direct, aligned and focused
   +  balance design opportunities with budget constraints
   +  promote sustainable design
   +  minimize/conserve
   +  when possible, create a sense of movement within the project – a kind of kinetic design expression
   +  integrate feeling and technology into the design process
   +  design through the project
   +  avoid preconception
   +  assess the design possibilities based on the context

things that inspire
   +  engaged clients
   +  simple “pure” shapes
   +  pattern
   +  elegant materials and finishes
   +  proportion and balance
   +  strong design concepts followed by strong execution
   +  bold as well as complicated colors
   +  authentic, direct and honest
   +  minimum of rules
   +  framework within which to design (some parameters)
   +  sunlight
   +  timelessness
   +  interaction of solid and void

service attributes
   +  listen
   +  attend to all phases of the project – programming through closeout
   +  provide technically sound contract documents
   +  ethical
   +  be my client’s advocate
   +  promote sustainable design/conserve
   +  on-time delivery

 press (roll over for links)
   +  American Salon – June 2010, Mens Dept
   +  Spaces – February/March 2007, Broughton Loft
   +  Edina Magazine – Oneal Kitchen
   +  Home Appliance – fall, 2006, Broughton Loft
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   +  Star Tribune – spring 1998, Shubert Theatre

partial client list
   +  Bruce Camp
   +  Walter and Valerie Broughton
   +  Judy Galbraith
   +  Mark Dillon and Susan Austrian
   +  Mary Legeros
   +  Sally and Jim O’Neal
   +  David and Nic Adams
   +  Irene Bartram
   +  Ken Sherman
   +  Ned Abdul
   +  Roy Ahern
   +  Paul Heuer
   +  Randy Kallevig
   +  Chris and Mick McCambridge
   +  Carol and Doug Baker
   +  Christine Bravo
   +  Julie Idzorek
   +  the Mens Dept
   +  Terry Forboard
   +  Virginia Meyer
   +  Aveda Corporation
   +  redCHOCOLATE
   +  Gary Debele/Kimberly Tolman
   +  New Reflections
   +  Indulge Salon
   +  Roger and Myra Greenberg
   +  Dr Jenny Holdredge
   +  Rick Moe
   +  John Sticha
   +  H & B Gallery
   +  J.T.H. Lighting
   +  Dianne and Harvey Keller
   +  Kim and Jim Schoonover
   +  Anthony Scornavacco