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a few things we've learned along the way:

There's never enough hot water -
It's amazing the amount of hot water a salon uses during the day.
To avoid undersizing your hot water heater(s) it's best to have a
mechanical engineer/contractor as part of the design team to assure
that the most efficient and cost effective heaters are specified.

Similarly, there's never enough power -
Nearly every service performed in a salon requires power to some degree.
Again we encourage the participation of an electrical engineer/contractor
to properly size the "house power" with enough expansion capacity for you
to add "on the fly" as your business grows.

Incorrect and insufficient lighting is a service provider's number one complaint -
From our experience Salon/Shift has developed lighting scenarios that incorporate LED,
ambient and task lighting for proper levels and color rendition for styling, hair color and make-up.

Styling chair spacing is key to happy customers, and your bottom-line -
Given a wide open floor plan we suggest that a number of spacing scenarios are studied.
Sometimes the obvious layout doesn't always produce the best "synergy" on the cutting/styling floor.

Remember to budget for "hidden amenities"-
By that we mean, a great sound system, easy to use customer check-out and appointment booking,
well lighted product display, a dedicated cleaning service, well appointed reception and waiting area.

Consult your staff -
Probably nothing new, but engaging key staff in the planning process and getting the "buy-in" goes a long
way to having a staff that's enrolled in THEIR salon.


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